Each photograph is signed and is delivered with a ‘making of’. They are very high quality, individual photographic prints, that you can only purchase through me personally. It is also possible to purchase the pictures in other formats and materials (on canvas or under an acrylic glass).



The books are art books that you can only purchase through me personally. Each book is signed and I am happy to include a dedication on request. Shipping: €2 within Germany, €4 within Europe, other countries by request.

  • The Truth About The Moon Landing

    Did the Americans really land on the Moon – or was it all staged in a studio?
    My version of this famous conspiration theory is the funniest!

    21x21cm 24 pages 25€ English


    The book about the photographic series SMOKE. 100,000 photographs were necessary in order to capture the wonderful world of the blue turbulences of smoke in 20 photographs. Fascinating pictures you will have never seen before.

    28x21cm 24 Pages €25 German

  • The Sausage Bazaar

    A Report on the Smallest Restaurant in the World in Linz, Austria. The Wurstbasar is one of the oldest sausage stalls in Austria – a historic landmark!

    28x21cm 24 Pages €25 German

  • The Christmas Story

    Mary and Joseph - represented as sausages. This book created a great scandal when it was published. The story of Bethlehem told with great affection; even the Evangelical church purchased a copy!

    27x21cm 24 pages €25 German

  • The Weisswurst Quizz

    A bizarre book with amusing photo quizzes: The weisswurst represents various celebrities - and it’s up to you to guess who they are! There’s an easy and a difficult question. Intelligent fun, even for vegetarians!

    21x21cm 24 Pages €25 German

  • U W E

    The biography and a selection of works by the artist Ursula Wolf from Kulmbach. My first publication on the work of this much overlooked artist and painter. The first volume of six on her work. The other volumes are also available.

    27x21cm, 138 pages, €45 German